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Compatibility Upgrade
Hey everyone! I just made a few quick changes. I upgraded a lot of behind the scenes stuff to comply with new standards in JavaScript coding. I also tweaked the...
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Another day, another update.
Today marks another update to this game. It's all behind the scenes stuff. You won't notice a difference. I though I would mention that I have now also publishe...
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Small Update
It's been a while since I've done any major work on this game. I have the second part of the story on the back burner right now, and am currently trying to find...
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New puzzle!
This update marks the first update to feature a new puzzle. Until now, the only 'puzzle' in the game was a lock and key puzzle. I plan on adding more than just...
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Added Extras Menu!
Just rolled out the first update including the ability to update powerups and buy rockets! Check it out!...
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Well, it has been a solid several weeks since the last post here. I have had great responses from people using the itch version of this game. For those of you w...
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First update!
We have finally ported our PinWall game to! If all goes well we will update this page and the google play version in tandem...
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Last post
This game is surprisingly good for a pinball game! Great idea to make it endless! Also, who'd of thought to make lore fo...
started by damien4345 Feb 10, 2022
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