A New Project!

In my attempts to publish as many tools as I can before a trip of mine, I have finally polished this demo to a point where you can all use it. Be sure to let me know your thoughts about this concept. Play around with it a little. I would recommend downloading it and running it locally, not in browser. 

Thanks! Have fun making "music"!


Music Generator.zip Play in browser
Aug 04, 2021
HaypersMusicGenWin64localExecutable.zip 110 MB
Aug 04, 2021
HaypersMusicGenWin32localExecutable.zip 104 MB
Aug 04, 2021
HaypersMusicGenMacOSlocalExecutable.zip 125 MB
Aug 04, 2021
HaypersMusicGenLinux64localExecutable.zip 116 MB
Aug 04, 2021
HaypersMusicGenLinux32localExecutable.zip 121 MB
Aug 04, 2021

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